Article III, Section I – Regular This opens up TREA membership for spouses of alive or deceased eligible veterans, making them regular members and eliminating the category of Associate member. It also allows for the re-numbering of the remaining paragraphs.

Article III, Section 1 & 2 – Membership This change combines the two categories of membership into one allowing all members the option of becoming a life member. Currently only retired members can become life members.

Article III, Section 11 – Reinstatement This change allows for members being re-instated to not be considered a ‘new’ member, they are simply being reinstated. This will allow us to provide better analytics by knowing who is actually a ‘new’ member and who is a previous member, just repaying their dues. It has no real impact on the member – it’s an internal bookkeeping process.

Article IV, Section 1 – Dues We currently allow 60 days past the membership expiration date; this change brings that to 10 days past the expiration date. All expiring members receive at least two notices prior to the expiration date. We were in essence giving a 14 month membership for the price of 12 month membership. In time, this adds up.

Article IV, Section 1 – Dues This change opens Life Membership up to all TREA members as long as they meet the criteria for TREA membership.

Article IV, Section 3 – Dues Remittance This change makes it mandatory for chapters who submit National Dues to Headquarters on behalf of their members, to send one check per member. When members are lumped together into one payment – the entire group gets put on hold if there is an issue with one of the member – the check cannot be processed and all members need to wait for the issue to be resolved.

Article V, Section 1 – Elected Officers This change would eliminate 3 positions from the Board of Directors – the 3rd Vice President and 2 Director positions (one each year as to maintain consistency). The reason is that the membership has dropped by 2/3 and the need for 9 Board positions is no longer warranted.

Article V, Section 4d – Terms of Office This follows the proposed change stated above. Only one director will be voted in at each election.

Article IX, Section 3 – Nominations & Elections This change would allow for mail in and electronic voting. This would make it possible for those who cannot travel to conventions the ability to vote for important issues and for Board positions.

Article IX, Section 6 – Installation This change takes out the mandatory requirement for an Installation Banquet, allowing for an appropriate ceremony that may be a reception, or a lunch. This is a cost saving proposal.

Article XII – Standing Committees This change adds the Scholarship Committee back under TREA. It used to be under TREA, and with the influx of funds from the life insurance program, it needs to come back under TREA.

SR 1, Paragraph 11 (new) This adds a non-attribution policy to the Standing Rules. This is basically a ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ policy. This protects those who provide factual information from the fear of being retaliated against.

ST 5, Paragraph 3 – Standing and Special Committees This follows suit from the above proposed change to the Bylaw and brings the Scholarship Committee back under TREA.

SR 7, Paragraph 11 – Removal for Non-Payment of Dues Following suit from the proposed change to the Bylaws – members who are ‘rejoining’ after expiration will not be considered ‘new’ members. They will keep their original membership number and are just reinstated.

SR 9.2, Paragraph 10 – Chapter Reporting Requirements This decreases the need for two of the currently mandatory chapter reports. Chapter reporting is a requirement according to the bylaws. By requiring only the forms needed to maintain proper information, we hope that this will help chapters be more responsive in their submission. Non submission of chapter reports may result in a chapter charter being revoked.

SR 13, Paragraph 4 – Prepaid Phone Cards Proposal to delete this paragraph as TREA no longer uses pre-paid phone cards.

SR 18, Paragraph 2e – TREA Clothing & Accessories The current wording is too specific. TREA no longer carries many of the required wearable items. This change allows members to wear apparel that bears the TREA emblem without telling them which ones.

NEWLY SUBMITTED – Will be presented at the convention and will require a 9/10 vote to pass:

Article VII, Section 3 – Meetings of the National Board of Directors This change makes it a requirement to note in the minutes how each member of the Board voted.

SR 18, Paragraph 2.a.Table – Color Recognition Code This change eliminates the requirement before the rings for Members of the Board, Chapter Officers and TREA Members. Only the PNP ring will stay and before the new PNP is allowed to pick his/her stone color this also eliminates the Gold Blazer for Chapter Officers and members.

For detailed information and to read the actual proposed changes, go to our website (www. and click on the link on the homepage.

  January 2021  
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