April 2018


                Midway Chapter 16, P.O. Box 1774, Salina, KS 67402-1774

                           Issue: 4            Date: April 2018

OFFICERS:  President – Richard Trow 785-577-3442; Vice President – William Whitman; 785-488-2814;

Secretary - Bill Vinyard 785-787-0655; Treasurer: - Shirley Wagner; Chaplain – Moses Stewart 785-827-5956

2018 MEETING DATE/LOCATION:   April 13, 2018. Salina Senior Center AT 1:00 pm, Board Room  

MEAL:  Biscuits and Gray or Omelet Scramble Eggs, Sausage, and Fresh Fruit  

PRESIDENT’S COMMENTS:  It is with many ideas circulating about I am wondering because, in March, we heard from a Tax Assessor for the Saline county which I first admire for coming to our meeting, and I, likewise, respect him very much for coming, and He did an outstanding job. Well, guess who Secretary Bill Vinyard has gotten for us this time? A clerk from the Saline County Court office that issues  Jury Summons, and will appear at the Saline County Senior Center 2nd floor at 1:00 pm on April 13, 2018.  At which time you may have the chance to be enlightened as to the whereas and wherefore of said Summons. I wish I could be on-hand and hear the presentation. Bill Whitman will chair this meeting. I may or not be in town for the Meeting; however, Either Way, Bill has the Chair. I know you all will appear and appreciate the experience. You are all very concern and knowable Citizens and most of all impressive compatriots.
Your Humble Servant –

 Your President R.T. Trow

Thank You All for everything that you do.


ANTICIPATED GUEST SPEAKER:  Guest speaker is Teresa Drane Clerk of The District Court, Saline County.


DO THE RIGHT THING:  Renew your TREA membership by contacting TREA HQ, sending in renewal application, or contact the chapter.


REST HOME:   Taft Yates Senior and William Long.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


APRIL BIRTHDAYS:  Reid Williams and Richard Trow.


DAYS OF INTEREST:   1st – Easter Sunday and All Fool’s Day Sunday; 6th, 1917 - US enters WWI; 11th, 1991 – Persian Gulf War Official cease fire; 12th, 1981- First US space shuttle launched; 14th, 1945 – Robert Dole, later US senator and 1996 presidential candidate, was severely crippled by an artillery shell;17th - Federal Income Tax due; 18th, 1775 – The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere; 22nd - Earth Day; 25th, 1898 - Spanish American War begins; 27th - Arbor Day; 29th, 1975 – U.S. Forces evacuate Vietnam;  30th, 1900 – Hawaii was organized as a U.S. territory. 

IRWIN ARMY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL (IACH):  The IACH team invites military retirees and their family members to a Retiree Health Fair April 14, 9 a.m. – noon. It is a health fair above the services provided beyond the customary during the Annual Retiree Appreciation Day. Retirees can get various health screenings that can only be at the health facility. Team members from specialty care clinics and ancillary services will be available to engage retirees and address their specific health interests.  The legal team from Fort Riley’s Judge Advocate General’s Office will be on location with wills and power of attorney documents.


$1.3 TRILLION TO THE MILITARY IN DEFENSE SPENDING BILL:   The Navy, 14 new ships, including a carrier; the Air Force adds 56 F-35s; the Army, 17 Apache, and 11 Lakota helicopters; the Marine Corps receive 24 vertical landing F-35Bs, and the Coast Guard gets a long-needed icebreaker. All the troops get funding for a 2.4 percent pay raise that took effect at the beginning of the year, with the possibility for more next year. There is more information on this issue at www.TREA.org website. (Source: TREA VOICE Weekly)


MARCH MEETING TIDBITS:  Guest Speaker Sean Robertson, Office of Saline County Appraiser. Some of the subjects he covered were: appraisal process, Saline county values, assessment rates, and property market value. President R. Trow welcomed the chapter’s newest member George Birch (Army Vet).    Secretary B. Vinyard gave the Treasurer report with an ending balance of $1796.16.  


TAX DAY QUOTE: Did you ever notice that when you put the words “The” and “IRS” together, it spells “THEIRS?”




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